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Elly Adams Therapies

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Helping you feel free from pain & free to move again.

I am Elly & I am a Bowen Therapy & Canine Bowen Therapy practitioner. I also offer other techniques such as Indian Head Massage, Reiki & Scar Tissue Release.


 I have a strong focus on relieving pain to restore functional movement so daily activities which previously proved problematic can continue without issues 


I work with people of all ages, dogs & other small animals. I offer sessions at clinic rooms in Newent & Ledbury & a mobile clinic for canine treatments covering Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire & Worcestershire aswell as canine sessions at K9 Raw Supplies in Cinderford.

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Magic Hands : Calm Minds

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I turn worriers into warriors using a tailored combination of Emotional Therapeutic Counselling, CBT, coaching techniques, Bowen therapy, Reiki and Indian head massage.  

If you're concerned about emotional pain, physical pain or a combination of both, I can probably help you.

You don't have to have a long-term health condition or serious pain to benefit from Bowen therapy, and you don't have to have suffered deep trauma or have a diagnosed mental health condition to benefit from counselling or coaching.  Most of us have some aches and pains, some limiting beliefs or some  anxieties that are stopping us enjoying life to the full - why not see if Magic Hands : Calm Minds can help?


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Forest Physical Therapy

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 Physical therapist based in Lydney, specialising in sports massage, remedial therapy and mobility coaching. 

I work together with clients to create personalised treatment plans which treat the source of the problems and help them to work towards achieving their goals.

Posture and mobility assessments

Sport massage

Deep tissue massage 

Mobility + flexibility coaching

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Perfect Harmony

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Therapies including Kinesiology, Reflexology and Reiki to help improve health and wellness. special interest in management of chronic conditions, nutrition and digestive health.


Through Kinesiology I can offer testing for nutritional deficiencies and nutritional intolerances as well as balancing of the body systems.


These therapies can help with many problems so whether you are suffering from back ache or anxiety and depression get in touch for a consultation.some of the therapies are available mobile and I also offer ear syringing for those suffering with blocked ears.

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