What has your business journey looked like during the "Rona-Coaster"?

It has almost been an entire year since the words "You must stay at home"  first came through our t.v's, flipping our lives around but with most of us thinking "Oh it will only be a few weeks...." Well how wrong were we? The last 12 months have been a really testing time for small businesses and we want to share the stories of the highs and the lows, the difficulties and the successes, the pivots, unexpected demands and inspirational acts that have been happening in our local business community.

Do you have a story to tell? 

Fill in the form below for the opportunity to be included in a special feature of local businesses in The Forester who will be publishing a 3-4 page spread in March.

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Please upload a high quality photograph of yourself in your business setting if you have one. (We may come and take additional photo's of businesses that are featured)

This is a really exciting opportunity to get exposure for your business and be a part of a huge "Support Local" movement in the community.


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