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Benefits of being in a Business Community

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Business owner? Cool! Now it’s time for you to go out and face the big, wide world all by yourself, right? Wrong. There are several ways to feel supported as a business owner, some of which you can discover with us at Local Business Rocks. Business communities just like LBR are popping up all over the place, so why should you join one? Well here are three good reasons why.

1. For Networking Opportunities

Taking the opportunity to network in a setting made for businesses like yours is a surefire way to make you and your business known.

Staying active in these groups will also show that you’re knowledgeable and happy to get stuck in, meaning you’re more likely to score yourself a recommendation or two - it’s essentially cheap marketing, so join in if you can!

Members of these communities are usually very loyal to their group as well. Meaning that when talking to friends, family or hearing of anyone who needs a particular service or product, they tend to recommend people from their own circle of acquaintances.

2. For Mentorship and/or Companionship

Running a business can be lonely work. Being part of a business community full of like-minded people that are more often than not in the same situation as you. Having a platform on which you can connect with others can make a whole world of difference when life has you feeling like you’re the only person in the world.

We believe that a supported business person is a better business person and with the right business community, there are bundles of support to be had.

And should you find someone in a similar business or niche as yourself? Who knows you might even find someone who can turn to as a mentor, or someone just to give you a little bit of direction when you’re feeling lost.

3. To share knowledge and skills

Another benefit of joining a business community is being able to share with other community members, be it skills, knowledge, contacts or otherwise.

As we know, one person’s strength might be another’s weakness, so to have the opportunity to be able to share and benefit from others can be beneficial to those who frequent such groups.

Business communities like Local Business Rocks can also serve as a safe space to ‘soft launch’ any projects or to get constructive feedback before making a product or service live to the general public.

If three reasons to join a supportive, business community such as Local Business Rocks aren’t enough, why not find out how we could benefit you and your business?

Author: Liz Hinds

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